How to use the measurementseries in the CMe3100

What is the measurementseries?
The measurementseries exists because of multiple reasons. One of them is the need of being able to adjust values when reading them with ModBus, REST API etc. Maybe you need to add or remove decimals or change the constant. This is not possible to do with the raw data values that is used in the pushreports. 

Or if you want to view your data in a graph and you need to adjust it so it fits your needs. Maybe you need to change from watt to kilowatt. This can also be done with the measurementseries. 

The measurementseries is an editable copy of the raw data.


Which raw data values are made into a measurementserie?
This is were the measurementseries templates come into action. You can see them as a filter that determins what will become a measurementserie and what it will look like.

This means that you can stear how your data will look like by changing your templates. This will then affect all the measurementseries created under that specific template that you change.


You will trigger a new regeneration of your templates by reading a meter manually. Either by pressing the floppy disk icon in your meterlist, or read all & store. You can use this to only affect the specific meter that you want to change.


By default there is a bunch of templates in place that will help you to get the measurementseries that you want. If you still miss something you can either create a new template or use the deactivated "other devices" template. 

A description of how to solve the problem with the "other devices" template is shown here:


To create your own template from scratch, look at this guide:

To create your own avarage value measurement serie, look at this guide:

To just edit the measurement series name to your advantage, look at this guide:









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