How to use the console (TELNET) with the CMe3100

The console gives you the possibility to administrate your CMe3100 with some standard commands.
These commands is for the most based upon the CMe2100 sms commands.
This means that many of the sms commands that works with the CMe2100 also works on the CMe3100.

With that said, not all commands will work as intended on the CMe3100.

Follow this link to reach the CMe2100 manual where most of the commands is listed (not all)

CMe2100 operations guide

This console service is also available on the CMe2100 if activated.


To activate the console on the CMe3100 simply go to 

configuration -> services -> console 

and turn it on.

You have the possibility to chose trough which port the console should be reached. Standard is

port 9999

You also have the possibility to set the amount of time the connection should be open after inactivity. standard is set to 60 seconds.


Use for example the software "Putty" to connect via Telnet to the device, by specify the IP or comport to the device, chose TELNET and the correct port (9999 by default).

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