CMe3100 - How to create a TrustStore

This guide assumes the usage of the Elvaco recommended tool KeyStore Explorer

Step 1: Create a new *Store

File - > New
Select JKS and press OK



Step 2: Generate Key Pair

Right-click and select “Generate Key Pair”
Press OK
Enter values (at least name)
Press OK
Enter Alias
Enter password



Step 3: Export certificate

Right click on the newly created entry and select “Export certificate chain”
Adjust settings if needed and press OK



Step 4: Import certificate

Start by creating a new store according to step 1, this will be the TrustStore.
Right-click and select “Import Trusted Certificate” and import certificate from Step 3
Enter Alias
Save TrustStore.



Step 5: Import TrustStore

Now the TrustStore contains a certificate (signed public key) and is ready to be imported into the CMe3100 UI.

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