Information about name and description placeholders in measurement series templates

When entering a name, description or API identification for a new measurement serie you can use what ever text that you like.

You can also use placeholders.
These placeholders can be described as a shortcut to different values or texts within the device. 

As an example, {Position} is the same as the MOID field. {Devicetype} will be the same as the meters devicetype, like heat, water etc. {Value tariff} will add the tariffs of the affected meters into the name.


Lets say that i want to add the secondaryadress, MOID then device type automatically to every measurement series name of this type of meter. The MOID is set according to the meterlist.

(Enter Measurement series -> templates -> chose the corresponding template, in this case "warm water,general" -> measurement series information -> press the pencil to the right of the affected line that you want to edit the name of, in this case the volume. )

I want the MOID to be the first text, then followed by the serial number and devicetype.

Use the placeholders and manually add a "-" in between if you want. It will be presented exacly  the way that you write it.


Save the changes, then do a manual readout of your affected meter.

Now a new measurement serie have been created and is named just the way you set it.



This way of naming works exacly the same way on the desctiption and API identification. Note that API identification must be unique. An easy way to achive this is to use the secondary adress placeholder.


The placeholders named {position........4} is used to specify which part of the MOID that should be used in the name. 


If you for an example have named your device like this



{position}   will include = street,house,apartment,room

{position.0} will include = street

{position.1} will include =  house

{position.2} will include = apartment

{position.3} will include =  room




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