How to add measurementseries from a multitelegram meter

To add measurement series from telegrams other than telegram 0 (first telegram), you need to start by making two settings.


First we need to make sure that the meter we want to receive more telegrams from actually sends multiple multitelegrams to the CMe3100.

Make sure that multitelegram is activated before the first reading takes place.

If the meters are already installed, you must remove them from the meter list, but keep the measurement series.

Select M-Bus settings, scroll down to M-Bus scan settings and select multitelegram Auto.

Leave the number at 0 if you want all telegrams, otherwise you choose the amount of telegrams yourself, but keep in mind that the first telegram starts at 0.

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Then we have to make sure that the measurement series is added.

Click Measurement Series and then Templates.

Select Other devices and then measurement series information.

At All Measurementseries, click on the pen.

Scroll down to Matching and there you click on the check box for any value at the Frame field and select save.


Deactivate all measurement series templates and activate Other devices.

Then take a reading on the meter you want to retrieve values from.

Measurement series will now be created based on all telegrams instead of just the first one.


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