Release notes EVO


Evo version 1.0.111


  • Added French and Italian translation

  • Improved performance of customer portal



Evo version 1.0.110


  • Added reactive energy as Quantity in Evo

  • Fixed key file to use the csv-delimiter set in user setting instead of using comma ","



Evo version 1.0.109


  • Fixed an issue where map widgets freeze when more than one map widget with a large selection was added to the dashboard


Evo version 1.0.108


  • Implemented a rule to not allow special characters in the organisation's Short prefix name
    • The rule activates when creating or editing the Short prefix name



Evo version 1.0.105


New EVO features:

  • Added CO2 as quantity (for our new WM-bus sensors), e.g. Elvaco Sense 300W.

  • Added Energy cooling quantity, to be able to have both heating and cooling for District heating/cooling.

  • Added a second banner for displaying information for EVO customer, e.g. if EVO is having disturbances.

  • Fixed the serial number of gateways in the meter list, showing the whole number and not shortening it.


New Elvaco Cloud APIs for Elvaco OTC processes (Swagger UI (

Implementation consists of the following API operations:

  • Create Organisation (to which they become partner)

    • List organisation

    • Edit

  • Create Invite (user in the new organisation)

    • An invite lasts over 24h

    • The active period of an invite can be configured

  • Create batch (assigned directly to organisation, or open for anyone to claim)

  • Cancel batch



Evo version 1.0.103


  • Implemented new password policy with below requirements.

    • Minimum 12 characters

    • Minimum 1 lowercase letter

    • Minimum 1 uppercase letter

    • Minimum 1 special character



Evo version 1.0.100


  • Adding limitations of how meter data can be exported into a CSV file in EVO.
    • Previous limitation in place:
      • Max 2.500.000 meter values
      • If resolution is set to ALL, Number of meters * number of days must be below 10
    • Implemented Changes
      • For 0-50 meters
        • Max 12 months of meter data
        • If more than 1 month, only daily and monthly values
      • For 51-500 meters
        • Max 1 month of meter data
        • Daily and monthly values
      • 500 meters or more
        • Not allowed




Evo version 1.0.99


  • Added support for 32bit error codes.



Evo version 1.0.95


  • Export measurements using CSV format
  • Export to CSV using separator ';' for users with swedish language



Evo version 1.0.88


  • German & Spanish language support



Evo version 1.0.87


  • Generall performance improvements



Evo version 1.0.86


New features

  • Mapbox as new map provider
  • Mapbox as new geocode provider
  • Improved performance with paged meter event list

Bug fixes

  • Allow å,ä,ö in passwords


Evo version 1.0.84


New features

  • Filter, search and sort for users and organisations admin pages



Evo version 1.0.83


New features

  • Added accepted collection to physical meter to be able to configure level for 100% collection



Evo version 1.0.76


New features

  • OTC module renamed to Device catalog

Bug fixes

  • Audit devices
    Page parameters in swagger documentation




Evo version 1.0.74


New features

  • New layout with sub menus in OTC and Admin

Bug fixes

  • Faster loading of map views in Metering
  • Adding display of customer reference to the organisations list for super-admin and otd-admin users


Evo version 1.0.72


New features

  • Admin
    Populate name and email on activation page when sending invites using Evo
  • Configurable expiry time for API tokens


  • Cancel job

Bug fixes

  • Login user of sub organisation
  • Better error messages when trying to delete user without having access to delete the user
  • Handle multiple firmware upgrade attempts
  • DM jobs: sort on job name
  • OTC: Include labels from key generation
  • Metering column order for quantities
  • Metering fix for not all rows coming through in the excel export of collection stats
  • Metering fix for cluster map markers not opening the popup list of meters


Evo version 1.0.71


New features


  • Alarms in the event log list on meter details page
  • Possible to search for gateway serial number in global search
  • Faster loading of collection tab
  • Closing alarms more frequently


  • Display job status
  • Device log, enable sorting on date
  • New job to update APN
  • Improved error and retry handling for device communication


  • Naming the organisation partner relationship with a customer reference
  • Making the 'assign ownership' dropdown in batch references pages searchable
  • Improved help texts
  • Validate serial number when adding a device


  • Possible to create custom email-templates per organisation for emails sent from Evo: User invite, Password reset and Email confirmation
  • Terms and conditions must be accepted for API users before token can be renewed
  • SuperAdmin: possibility to update external id for organisations for sync with Metering

Bug fixes

  • Fix for empty user list after own profile edit
  • Possible for a meter to have an alarm more than once
  • Support alarm descriptions with more than one bit per mask
  • Include year in device audit logs
  • Correct list of available organisations when OTC Admin create invites
  • When editing an organisation, it should not be possible to inherit branding from itself
  • Fixes for device management device filter and sorting
  • SuperAdmin: Ensuring SuperAdmin can always invite to organisations


Evo version 1.0.68


New features


  • Adding min/max/avg display for certain columns to the meter details measurements list


  • Filter devices by firmware version and connection status
  • New column for connection changed date
  • Job status on device level


  • Possible to add device type to devices when addning devices through generate key api
  • Possible to add label to devices when adding devices through generate key api

Bug fixes

  • Correct comparison date ranges for yesterday and previous 7 days
  • Show all user roles on profile page
  • Sort order for invite organisations


Evo version 1.0.67


New features

  • After authenticating, if the user has not accepted the Terms and Conditions then bounce them to a page where they must accept before being able to access the application
  • Confirm dialog for token renewal
  • Added user id for API users and a link to copy the
  • Selecteble columns on the measurements grids
  • Inherit custom branding for organisations created by OTC Admins
  • Limit invite creation to organisations to only organisations created by your organisation not having an active admin user
  • Custom name on device management jobs

Bug fixes

  • Renew token access for OTC API Users


Evo version 1.0.62


New features

  • Users and organisations admin menus are moved from left menu to top menu for OTC and OTD administrators.
  • An OTC Admin can create new organisations (if the user's organisation has the permission to create organisations). The created organisations becomes partner organisations of the user's organisation to handle the distribution chain in OTC.
    Partner organisations will will appear in the list of possible organisations to assign device ownership in OTC.
    When creating new organisation it can be selected to have permission to create organisations themselves.
  • An existing organisation can also be added as partner organisation by OTC Admin. This is done using the organisation id that can be found an copied by the existing organisation on their organisation page.
  • Added an invite flow to be able to invite users to created organisations without having to create the account. An invite can be created or either sent to a new user direct (email address will be saved) or by copying the link and send outside the Evo platform. The invite is valid for a limited time and can be used to setup an account. If the invite is not sent via Evo the user has to confirm the email address by a second link sent to the user's email address before login.
  • Added possibility to use gateway serial number in sub organisation selections
  • It's now easier to create exact organisation themes as primary and secondary color are used for top menu and main menu.
  • Device management create job view is split into a common and a advanced tab
  • Device time is synced at first registration for CMi6110 devices

Bug fixes

  • Use UTC for time operations in device management
  • Sort role drop down list in admin pages alphabetically
  • Remove unnecessary columns from the organisations list in admin pages for some user roles
  • Message for MVP admins to inform that they must select a parent organisation when creating a sub organisation, disable save button until parent is selected
  • Use organisation colors for login form
  • Fixed collection percentage when changing meter resolution
  • Fixed collection percentage for the first day a meter is added


Evo version 1.0.61


New features

  • New version of Device Management

Bug fixes

  • Organisation admin can create sub organisation
  • Reset password after failed login attempt
  • Meter count in selections
  • API user role cannot be combined with other user roles


Evo version 1.0.60


New features

  • Renamed role 'OTC OTD Admin' to 'OTD Admin'

Bug fixes

  • Sort column quantities correctly
  • Action buttons in meter list visible also on small screens


Evo version 1.0.59


New features

  • External API documentation

Bug fixes

  • Fixed capitalisation on saved selection names
  • Align meter definition checkboxes in the list
  • Show user's roles in profile view


Evo version 1.0.58


New features

  • Display app name in top menu
  • OTC Admin can assign device ownership to connected organisations
  • External API documentation
  • Minor UI improvements


 Evo version 1.0.51


New features

  • Increased limit for OTC key download

Bug fixes

  • Map popup for many meters with same address (not for super admin)
  • Delete organisations (super admin only)
  • Sync meters of all organisations (super admin only)


Evo version 1.0.46


Bug fixes

  • Show readout values in meter details page


Evo version 1.0.45


New features

  • Improved map with a list of meters when there are many meters at one location
  • Groups can be created for meter selections and selections can be organized by adding them to one more groups
  • OTC device and batch history view (Elvaco support function)

Bug fixes

  •  Use consumption or readout settings from meter definition in selection and report measurements
  •  Bug fix for timeout of large an complex measurement selections


Evo version 1.0.40


New features

  • Display selected period for dashboard widgets
  • A custom name can be set on dashboard widget

Bug fixes

  • Sort selection menu items on save


Evo version 1.0.39


New features

  • New widget layout

Bug fixes

  • Update collection list when period is changed in meter details page
  • Cluster of map markers to count correct on faulty meters


Evo version 1.0.37


New features

  • Claim devices from filter selection in OTC Admin

Bug fixes

  • Create sub organisation


Evo version 1.0.36


New features

  • A label can be added to devices when giving ownership of a batch reference in OTC Admin.
  • Clear filter button in OTC Admin pages.
  • More informative error messages in OTC Admin.

Bug fixes

  • Ignore case in user email at login.
  • Infinite scroll in selection drop downs also when searching.
  • Login for users with OTC Admin access only.
  • Login for users with no web access stays on login page.
  • Bug fix for create and update sub organisation.


Evo version 1.0.35


New features

  • OTC device administration
  • Minor GUI enhancements

Bug fixes

  • Fix for slow measurement queries when using threshold selections


Evo version 1.0.34


New features

  • Display timestamp of the last readout of measurement in the collections table.
  • The meter counter is moved from top right corner to the bottom of meter and collection list.
    The count of cities and addresses are removed to increase performance for large selections, please give us feedback if you miss this feature!
  • Minor GUI enhancements for better visibility on small screens.

Super admin features

  • Solved issue with deleting of meter taking to long time.
  • Organisation is now required in all selection and searches, current user organisation is set as default if no organisation is not explicitly selected.


Evo version 1.0.33


New features

  • New clear link to empty all meters from report
  • Limit measurement list to 500 rows, use export to view measurements for all rows
  • Export measurements to excel from meter details page

Bug fixes

  • Removed duplicated fetch of measurements after export
  • Some performance improvements for users in large organisations 


Evo version 1.0.30


New features

  • OTC web and app users can now be administrated in EVO Admin pages
  • Update gateway when meter is replaced
  • Report enhancements
    - 'Add all to report' from a meter list adds all meters in the selection to the report (limit of 500)
    - Report graph legend shows all meters in the report, the first ten are selected as default
    - Report list shows all meters in report with all quantities
    - Export from report graph includes selected meters and quantities
    - Export from report list includes all meters and quantities in report

Bug fixes

  • The order of quantity columns should be the same in GUI and export
  • Sort user list by name
  • Cache problem when creating new organisations 


Evo version 1.0.28


Bug fix

  • Always show measurements as readout in meter details page


Evo version 1.0.27


New features

  • Measurement list view and Excel export includes all quantities, ignoring legend settings

Bug fixes

  • Show loading animation for count widget
  • Sort meter list on street address


Evo version 1.0.26


New features

  • Infinite scroll in collection percentage list
  • Sync all meters for an organisation (super admin feature)
  • Collection percentage export includes all meters in selection

Bug fixes

  • Handle messages from meters with incorrect clock
  • Gateway extra info is missing for some meters


Evo version 1.0.25


Bug fixes

  • Empty infinite scroll list when changing sort order or search for a meter
  • Report period is cleared when changing to another selection
  • Fix for hanging close alarm job


Evo version 1.0.24


Bug fixes

  • Handle new period selections in widgets and threshold selections


Evo version 1.0.23


New features

  • Possible to configure custom colors per organisation.
  • Sub organisations will inherit logotypes and colors from parent organisation as default.
  • Changed from paged meter list to infinite scroll meter list.
  • New set of items in period selector: today, yesterday, last 7 days, this month, previous month and custom period. Resolution is automatically set from the period selection but can also be manually selected.
  • Increased session timeout to 4 hours.
  • Internal restructuring for future improvements of statistics calculation.

Bug fixes

  • Date format in Excel export on Mac
  • Map widget blocks the app while loading large content
  • Custom meter definitions not used for measurement values
  • Login using Microsoft Edge
  • Measurements not shown for passive meters
  • Threshold period conflicts with report period in reports
  • Show logical meter without physical meter 


Evo version 1.0.14


New features

  • Possible to add custom logotype and custom login page for organisations

Bug fixes

  • Administrators cannot see users connected to sub organisations
  • Blank page for users with no meters
  • Checkboxes in selection drop-downs are not populated when using search field
  • Correct collection percentage when not receiving measurements for all quantities


Evo version 1.0.11


New features

  • Select meter from a map shows the full meter page. The zoom level in map remains when going back from the meter page.
  • Collection tab on meter page to see the collection quality for an individual meter.
  • New resolution 'all' in measurement lists and graphs to show all received measurements regardless of report interval.
  • Meters active period is automatically updated when receiving historical data.

Bug fixes

  • Unable to delete organisations with connected meters, gateways etc
  • Unable to clear threshold when once created
  • No measurements for day resolution in report
  • Gateway information is not always updated when receiving new data


Evo version 1.0.8


New features

  • Support for district cooling meters
  • Support for gateway status message data
  • Description of meter alarms in meter page
  • Notification of new releases with link to this release notes page
  • New tab for to view measurements for a selection without adding them to the report
  • Facility and meter id as separate columns in Excel export
  • Faster and smarter loading of dashboard widgets

Bug fixes

  • Visible organisation code field in organisation administration
  • Medium is set to unknown when updating location
  • Sync problem for organisations with special characters in the name
  • Incorrect calculation of collection percentage when the set of quantities is changed for a meter
  • Erroneous measurement series when a active period start does not coincide with the meter resolution


Evo version 1.0.5


New features

  • A new widget type that shows the number of meters in a selection can be added to a dashboard
  • Export of collection quality to Excel
  • Export of meter values to Excel
  • Improved scaling on screens with low resolution
  • Some minor design changes, icon placing and layout

Bug fixes

  • Actual meter readout values in the meter page, consumption is calculated on the report page only
  • Permission to see meter details as sub organisation user
  • Correct collection quality for the very first day of a new meter
  • Keep collection quality sorting when navigating to and from meter pages
  • Keep search result when navigating to and from meter pages
  • Correct count of meters with low accuracy in the map widgets
  • Fixed problem with selected check boxes when scrolling in selection drop downs



Evo version 1.0.0


Welcome to Evo!

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