How to create an organisation, user, and batch in EVO

Reason: As a reseller for Elvaco LoRa and NBIoT devices, you will need to create a new organisation, and a user account for this new organisation. Which you will then give to your customer.
When this is done, you then need to transfer the devices digitally to their organisation that you have just created.
This way the end user will have total control of their bought devices, and get the keys needed to commission the devices.

This guide will show you how this is done.


1. Log in to your EVO account at


2. press the 9 dots in the top right corner and choose Admin. To the left side you will have these options.


3. Press "add organisation" and fill in the fields the way you want it. 
If you want them to be able to create new organisations in their turn, activate "can create other organisations"
The short prefix should be filled in. If there is no short prefix, the customer cant send any devices in their turn, if needed. Then Save.



4. Now you need to send an invite to the end customer to their new organisation. After the first user logges in and becomes an admin, you no longer can create new users etc for that organisation.

Press add invite and fill in the information for the first user.


When pressing save, you can either choose to forward a link to the customer or send them the auto generated email.


Press send.

Now the client will receive an invite to the newly created organisation as an admin, and will be able to login with their own password.

5. Now you need to send the devices that the customer has bought.

Press the 9 dots in top right corner and choose device catalog

6. You can create a batch in two different ways, either you sort the affected devices in your devicelist and use the "create batch from current selection" function.

Or, you press the "create batch reference" button to the left. and enter your devices there.


7. Fill in the other information about batchname, label for customer, which customer etc.

Batch reference = is the name of the batch. If you choose to not send the devices directly to a specific organisation (leave organisation blank) then anyone with knowledge of this batch reference name can claim it to their organisation. In this case it will be RESEX_firstbatchtoendcustomer

Ownership request needs confirmation = if this box is checked you will get a notice if anyone tries to add your batch to their organisation. You will need to confirm this transfer by pressing the bell icon in the top right corner. If you leave this box unchecked, this will not happen and the customer can get their devices directly without your aproval.

Label = is an additional way label your batch for the customer. For an example a customer order number.

organisation = if you have created organisations this will show up here. Additional organisations could be added with the partner function (found under the admin page)

8. When pressing save, the batch is created and the customer will be able to get it manually, or will receive the devices to their account.

Now they need to claim them according to this video. to claim devices

Your digital part as an Elvaco LoRa and NBIoT device reseller is now complete.

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