No meters are found when running installation

  • Fault in installation or configuration


Verify that:

  • CMeX50 antenna is installed according to instructions.

  • Wireless M-Bus slave mode is the same as configured CMeX50 wireless M-Bus mode.

CMeX50 does not respond to M-Bus master commands

  • Voltage over M-Bus connector is out of range.

  • Fault in settings/configuration.


Verify M-Bus status:

  • Voltage over M-Bus slave should be between 21 VDC and 42 VDC (if M-Bus slave input is used).

  • All M-Bus slaves connected to the M-Bus master must have unique primary addresses or secondary addresses depending on addressing mode used.

  • Verify M-Bus slave baud rate used by M-Bus master. M-Bus master baud rate must be identical to the CMeX50 baud rate.

  • Encrypted wireless M-Bus slaves without uploaded keys will send meter data in container mode. Add keys to meters via the LCD display or M-Bus commands.

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