Kamstrup electricity/heat/cold/water meters with CMe and CMi products needs extended timeout

The timeout which needs to be changed is the time between the M-Bus command SND_NKE and REQ_UD2. Factory default for CMe/CMi products in version before 1.3.0 is 5000 milliseconds. In version 1.3.0, this time has been increased to 10 000 milliseconds, which normally is enough for most M-Bus meters (including Kamstrup meters).

Run the following command to get the CMe/CMi version:

status ver

The software version is marked with Sw: <version>.

If the version is below 1.3.0, you normally need to change the timeout.

Change the timeout using SMS or Telnet command

Run the following command to change the timeout:

2222;set common.device.mbus.nkesleep=12000

This will change the time between SND_NKE and REQ_UD2 to 12000 milliseconds, which should be sufficient.

2222 is the password for security level 2, and is by default set to 2222. If the password for security level has changed by the user, use the changed password for security level 2 instead.

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