M-Bus bug in ABB EQ meter, series A, B & C

Meter toggles between 2 M-Bus telegram.
This article explains how to handle the problem when the meter alternates between M-Bus telegram 1 & 2 when secondary addressing is used. We also explain how to solve the problem in our GSM/GPRS M-Bus masters and in Metering.

According to the M-Bus standard, the meter shall always send the first telegram when using secondary addressing unless otherwise is requested. Because the meter cycles through the telegrams, in this case 2, this can be perceived as the meter switches between two different telegrams. By running a reset command (snd nke) before reading resets the meter so that the first telegram is sent. As an alternative, you can use primary addressing that sends the reset command by default.

Our GSM/GPRS M-Bus masters can be set to send a command before reading. This setting must be performed in two places, storevalue & momreport. This does not apply if transparent M-Bus is used, then the system must handle this.

To make the setting via SMS (requires password for level 2):

2222;set storevalue.device.command.runbefore=sndnke momreport.device.command.runbefore=sndnke

To make the setting via Telnet (requires password for level 2):

Log in with authorization for level 2.

set storevalue.device.command.runbefore=sndnke momreport.device.command.runbefore=sndnke

There is also a profile on our server which you can sync on (kräver lösenord för nivå 2):

2222;sync abbnke

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