IR communication with ABB EQ meters series A, B & C

Elvaco's products cannot communicate via IR with meters in the ABB EQ series.
This article explains the conditions for Elvaco's products to communicate via IR with meters in the ABB EQ series.
It is possible to communicate via wired M-Bus, but for IR communication, the Elvaco product needs to be adapted. Below you can see which products that are suitable and the required hardware versions.
Products available in IR compatible version
  • CMe2100 - Compatible from version R6A
  • CMe3000 - Compatible from version R3B
  • CMeX20 - Compatible from version R3A
Products NOT available in IR compatible version

Wired M-Bus or compatible CMeX20 must be used.

  • CMeX10
  • CMeX11
  • CMeX10S
  • CMeX11S
  • CMeX12S
  • CMeX13S
To find out the product's hardware version, do the following:
  • Read the product label.
    • All products have a product label with hardware information (Rev) on the side.
  • Send SMS commands (for products that support SMS).
    • By sending "status ver" you can see the product's hardware version (Hw:) in the SMS response.

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