Manual administration of meter list in Elvaco's GSM/GPRS M-Bus masters

This document explains how to manage the meter list in Elvaco's GSM/GPRS M-Bus masters. You can add, delete and update meters via SMS or by uploading a profile file (CAD) to the module. This applies to products with software (FW) 2.4.2 or higher.
In order to make changes in the meter list you need to enter the passwords for level 3. Default password is 3333.

Clear meter list

To remove all meters from the meter list

3333;database device clear

Delete meter
To delete a meter
3333;database device delete <meter id>

Add meter

To add a meter, you need the following information: addressing type, speed and address (primary or secondary)

To add a meter with primary address

3333;database device add addressingmode=primary baudrate=<speed> primaryaddress=<primary address> secondaryaddress=<secondary address> 

To add a meter with secondary address

3333;database device add addressingmode=secondary baudrate=<speed> secondaryaddress=<secondary address>

Update meter

3333;database device add addressingmode=esecondary baudrate=<speed> secondaryaddress=<sekundäraddress> fabricationnumber=<extended secondary address>

The settings for a meter can be changed and you can change any number of parameters simultaneously in the same sms.

3333;database device update <meter id> <Parameter1> <Parameter2> 

All parameters that can be changed
  • AdressingMode
    • Primary
    • Secondary
    • Esecondary
  • Baudrate
    • 300
    • 2400
    • 4800
    • 9600
  • PrimaryAddress
    • 3 digits, 1-250
  • SecondaryAddress
    • 8 digits
  • Identification
    • 8 digits
  • Status
    • Active
    • Passive
  • FabricationNumber
    • 8 digits
  • FCBMode
    • On
    • Off
    • Auto
  • TelegramCount

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