Red LED is flashing, the unit can not be accessed via LAN

  • IP conflict.

  • Incorrect DHCP server.

  • The CMe3100 is configured with static IP or dynamic IP (dynamic IP is set as default).

    • If static IP assignment is used, make sure that there are no IP conflicts.

    • If dynamic IP assignment is used, check that the CMe3100 is connected to a network with a correctly working DHCP server.

Red LED is permanently on

  • Error on the M-Bus 2-wire bus.

  • Verify no short-circuit of the M-Bus bus. The voltage should be between 24-30 VDC.

All LEDs are permanently off

  • The product is not powered up.

  • Verify that the product is powered up.

  • If the product is in the first stage of the start-up process, wait approximately 20 s.

Connection to CMe3100 is not working

  • The wrong USB cable or USB port is used for connection

  • The CMe3100 driver's software is an old version.

  • The CMe3100 has not been properly installed, recognized or allowed by the computer.

  • Verify that the correct USB cable and port are used.

  • Verify that the latest software version is installed on the CMe3100 and that the device has been rebooted afterwards. If the device uses version 1.9.2 it will not be able to connect through USB and will need to be returned to Elvaco for replacement.

    Download the latest setup file at Download setup file for CMe3100.

  • Verify that there is no network cable connected between the device and computer.

  • Verify that CMe3100 appears as a USB device on the computer, if not, try a different comport and/or reboot the device.

  • Verify that Elvaco Serial Port is visible in the device manager, under comports.

When you have verified all above, perform the following steps.

  1. Start the device with the Configure CMe3100 shortcut located on your desktop.

  2. Use the reserved IP address;, and try to connect your device.


    Older versions of CMe3100 use the IP address

  3. If the connection continous to fail, try a factory reset. A factory reset is performed by powering of the CMe3100. Press the button located over the M-Bus Master Connection until the green and red LED flashes. Wait a couple of minutes, reconnect the USB cable and then try to connect using the Configure CMe3100 shortcut.

  4. If the device still cannot connect, unplug the network and USB cables and disconnect from all networks your computer is connected to. Reconnect the USB cable and try to connect to the CMe3100 either through the shortcut or the IP

If it still does not work, the computer or/and CMe3100 need to be replaced.

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