DIN-rail mounting

The product is mounted on a DIN-rail. The clip on the bottom is used to attach and detach the product from the DIN-rail. For safety reasons, a DIN-rail enclosure must cover the terminals.

Connecting the power supply

  1. Use screw terminal (1) and (2) to supply the device with power. The main supply voltage should be in the range of 100-240 VAC, with a frequency of 50/60Hz.

  2. Connect the power to a clearly marked and easily accessible switch to make sure the device can be switched off during service work.

When connected to a power supply, the CMe3100 will undergo a boot-up for approximately 20 seconds. Thereafter, the green LED (3) and the red LED (4) will begin to flash, and the device is ready to use.


The installation must be performed by a qualified electrician or another professional with the required knowledge.


The power supply must be protected with a 10 A circuit breaker of characteristics C or slow blow fuse.

Extending the number of connected slave devices

The CMe3100 is equipped with an M-Bus master port (13), which can be used to connect (up to) 32 slave devices (32 M-Bus loads, 48mA).


If more than 32 slave devices need to be connected to the CMe3100, an M-Bus Master from Elvaco can be used to extend its limit.


Do not exceed the maximum cable length of 1000 m.

Sharing meter values with another M-Bus device

CMe3100 is equipped with two M-Bus slave ports, which are used to share meter values with another M-Bus device, for example a DCS.

  • Connect a cable of cross-sectional area 0.25-1.5 mm2 between the M-Bus device and port (11) or (12) of the CMe3100.

Connecting to the local network

The CMe3100 is equipped with an Ethernet port to be able to connect to the local network.

  • Use a cable of at least category 5e and connect it to the Ethernet port (9).

    When the connection has been established correctly, the yellow LED (6) will be permanently on or flashing, indicating active communication.

Communicating with devices using IR interface

The CMe3100 supports communication with all ABB electricity meters equipped with the IR interface as well as all products from the Elvaco CMeX series.

  1. Remove the shield (14).

  2. Mount the CMe3100 right next to the device it will communicate with.


Do not remove the IR shield unless the IR interface is going to be used.

Wiring diagram

CMe3100_Wiring_ diagram_.png

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