Checking device and meter settings

There are several separate ways to use the web interface to check the current settings of the Metering gateway and its installed meters:

  • The System Panel, which contain information about the Metering gateway, active/passive meters and scheduled reports and services.

  • The system overview, which displays system specific settings and scheduled tasks.

  • The meter settings report, which contain addressing modes, baud rates and addresses.

Checking active/passive meters and scheduled reports and services

  • Go to Dashboards > System Panel.

    The System Panel displays system information, scheduled reports, enabled services and information about installed meters.

Checking system specific settings and schedules tasks

  • Go to System > About.

    The system overview displays Metering gateway information and scheduled tasks.

Checking addressing modes, baud rates, and addresses

  1. Go to the Meter list window in the Installation panel.

  2. Select Export.

  3. Open the document.

    The exported document contains information about the addressing mode, baud rate, and addresses of all installed meters.

The system log

All information about different system events is logged and stored in the System log . For each log entry, a severity type icon (error, warning, or information), timestamp and plain text explanation is shown. This makes it a useful tool for investigating operational status of the system and pin-pointing errors in the metering process.


To learn more about the different log entries of the System Log and how they are interpreted, go to our support site, https://support.elvaco.com, and download the document named “CMe3100 Guide to System Log”.

Filtering the system log

To facilitate inspection, the System log can be filtered with respect to severity level and date interval of the logs.

  1. Go to System > System log. All saved log entries are displayed here.

  2. To filter the log entries by a specific severity level, choose a level in the Severity field.

  3. To filter the log entries by a specific time period, select From and To, and enter the dates.

Exporting the system log as a CSV file

  1. Go to System > System log. All saved log entries are displayed here.

  2. Select Export table as CSV.

Checking the readout status of an individual meter

  1. Go to Meters.

  2. Select the secondary address of a meter.

  3. Select Readings. Here, the status and time of recent readouts of that specific meter are displayed.

  4. To display readings conducted over a specific period, set a start and an end date.

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