RMA instructions

Please see below instructions if you have an RMA case. When you send in a case you will receive a ticket# that you need to attach to the products you send in.

Please use the RMA-ticket option which you will find by pressing "Submit a request" in the upper right corner. It is also possible to send your request directly to rma@elvaco.se with below information. 

Following information is needed before you send any products to us:

  • Product/Model name e.g. CMe2100
  • Serial number e.g. 0105123456
  • Maker e.g. Elvaco, ABB
  • Reseller e.g. Elvaco
  • Your Name and Contact information
  • Your Billing Address
  • Your Shipping Address (if not the same as Billing Address)

Once you have received confirmation, please send the product to below address, attach your case number.

Elvaco AB
Att: RMA
Kabelgatan 2T
434 37 Kungsbacka

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