How do I check the balance on my GSM/GPRS device with prepaid SIM card if the device is not responding?

You get no contact with the GSM/GPRS device, but do not know if it is because the balance is low or if there is something wrong with the device.
This document describes how to troubleshoot the reason why a GSM/GPRS device does not respond. If you have a prepaid SIM card you know if the balance is low or if there is something else malfunctioning on the device.
1. Check if the device responds to SMS
Send status to the device. If you get no response within 20 seconds, it can not send SMS.
2. Check if the phone answers when you call it
Call the device and check if it responds. It can either be quiet or you will hear a modem sound. If it responds, the balance is probably too low. If it doesn't respond, something else is wrong, for example no power connection, bad reception or technical error.
3. Call the operator and check the balance
Call the operator's customer service and ask them to check the balance.

You can activate a monitoring function which sends an e-mail when the balance falls below a specified value.

We can also assist you with the service to monitor and refill the SIM cards. Please contact us for more information.

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