GPRS devices that restart when data traffic is sent or received

The device is operating normally but can not send or receive data traffic without restarting. The device responds to and executes SMS commands and stores values, but can not send reports or download configuration files.
The article describes how to solve the problem when a GPRS device can not send or receive data traffic without restarting since the data transfer is too good. If the data transfer is too good, the built-in power supply does not manage to run the device. By setting the value for GPRSCLASS in the device to 8 instead of the higher default value, the problem is solved.
Set the value for GPRSCLASS

Set the GPRSCLASS to 8 by sending the following SMS to the device. To set the value you need to include the password for the highest security level which by default is 3333 unless you have specified your own password.



The gprs class is the speed at which data is transmitted.

Class 8 - 8-12 kbps up & 32-40 kbps down.

Class 10 - 16-24 kbps upp & 32-48 kbps down.

Class 12 - 32-48 kbps upp & 32-48 kbps down

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