Mounting the product

CMi4170 is mounted in an Engelmann Sensostar S3/S3C meter.

  1. Grab the device by the outer edges.

  2. Gently press it into postition in the module slot.

    • Make sure that the module's push button (2) is facing upwards.

    • Make sure that interface connector of the meter (1) fits the interface connector of the module (3).


    Engelmann Sensostar (left), CMi4170 (right)

Activating the module

Upon delivery, CMi4170 is set to passive mode, which means no messages will be transmitted from the module. The module can be activated in one of the following ways:


Before activating the module, and trying to join a LoRaWAN® network, make sure the LoRaWAN® network server of use is prepared with necessary security keys.

Via the module push button
Via Elvaco OTC app


The NFC field is easiest accessible if placing the phone in the middle part of the front.

Via device monitor

Device monitor refers to Engelmann's optical configuration tool. For more information see Engelmann documentation.

Via meter menu

Refer to Engelmann documentation.

Joining the LoRaWAN® network

When activated, the product will attempt to join the LoRaWAN® network by the following sequence:

  1. Red LED – One flash

  2. Green and Red LED – Lights simultaneously up for 1 second

  3. Green LED – Several flashes while trying to connect to the LoRaWAN® network

  4. Green LED – Lights up for 8 seconds when module succeeds in joining the LoRaWAN® network

The network join sequence is illustrated in the figure below:


Network join LED indication

If the module fails to join the LoRaWAN® network, it will perform retries until it succeeds. The time between each attempt will increase for every attempt until it is performed once every day. A new join attempt cycle can be manually started anytime by using the push button to reboot the module or by deactivating and activating the module using the Elvaco OTC App.

When the module has joined the LoRaWAN® network, it will perform three quick transmissions (regardless of transmit interval settings) before starting to use its configured transmit interval settings. By using the Elvaco OTC App, you can easily verify that the module is successfully communicating with the meter (“Meter communication”) and is connected to the LoRaWAN® network (“Network joined”).

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