Product overview


Key features of CMi6140 include:

  • IoT-ready

    As soon as the meter connectivity module has been mounted and started up, it will automatically initiate transmission of meter data without any manual steps needed. The CMi6140 is prepared for seamless integration with all leading IoT platforms.

  • Battery or mains supply operated

    CMi6140 has several options for power supply. It can be battery operated for up to 10 years with daily transmission of meter data.

  • One-Touch Commissioning

    The product uses the Elvaco One-Touch Commissioning (OTC) to configure and deploy products quickly and securely. Using the Elvaco OTC App, simply enter your desired settings and place your mobile phone on the Kamstrup MC403, MC603, MC803 meter. New settings will be applied instantaneously via NFC.

  • Flexible message scheme

    CMi6140 has different message formats to choose from, which makes it easy to setup the device for your specific project.


CMi6140 is compatible with Kamstrup MULTICAL® 403, MULTICAL® 603 and MULTCAL® 803 heat/cooling meters with a compatible firmware version. Once the module is mounted and starts up, a compatibility check is made to ensure that it is compatible with the meter firmware. If the module is mounted in an incompatible meter, this is indicated in the OTC App.

The power supply must be one of Kamstrup high power (230VAC or 24VAC/DC) or Kamstrup IoT-battery (D-, or C-cell).

The following table shows the minimum firmware versions required.

Table 20. CMi6140 - Meter firmware compatibility


Firmware version

Kamstrup MULTICAL® 403

Kamstrup MULTICAL® 603

Kamstrup MULTICAL® 803

Parts overview

  1. Antenna Connector (MCX female)

  2. Meter interface

  3. Pules inputs

  4. NFC Antenna

  5. SIM (Nano)

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