MBus parser updated

We are now taking care of the extended VIF as we are doing in the CMe3100.
So now the headers in the reports will be changed for CMe2100, CMi2110 and CMi2130 from software version 3.1.3

Previously the record identification field was mbus.dib.energy. for VIF 86FF02 as the Mbus parser didn't take care of the extended VIF, now when we take care of the extended VIF, the record identification will be sent as mbus.dib.energy manufacturer-specific- for VIF 86FF02.

If you want to have the old Mbus parser, this can be done. Change the property for common.mbus.dib.description.format.old

To use old MBus parser:

set common.mbus.dib.description.format.old=true 

To use updated MBus parser

set common.mbus.dib.description.format.old=false

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