M-Bus is a wired communication technology used for remote reading of, for instance, electricity and heat meters.

The availability of different M-Bus devices is extensive. The communication protocol and electrical interface are regulated by an EN standard, indicating that devices from different manufacturers can easily be integrated into customized systems.

Standard and compatibility

The M-Bus standard defines the operational parameters of communication, extending from the electrical level to the formatting of the data. From a protocol perspective, this implies that there is no requirement for additional product-specific information to interpret or operate M-Bus devices.


Technical performance

Since M-Bus is a wired communication technology, its main advantage is reliability. Unlike radio solutions, which are exposed to external factors such as interference with other devices or physical objects, wired solutions are unaffected as long as the wire remains intact.

Bandwidth is limited, but the systems are well-equipped to tolerate electrical disturbances, while simultaneously allowing cable length up to several km using a standard 2-wire cable.

End devices, such as meters or sensors, are called slaves in M-Bus terminology. They are powered by an M-Bus master, which is typically a separate product or integrated into a gateway product. Wired M-Bus allows meters to only rely on the M-Bus cable for both communication and power.


Wired M-Bus supports two-way communication.

Suitable applications

Wired M-Bus is a commendable and robust solution for applications that utilize simpler meters and sensors and in cases where cabling is cost-efficient. The cost of cabling is usually a crucial factor, making wired M-bus a preferable solution for new buildings rather than for retrofit projects.

Elvaco M-Bus products

Elvaco is an established manufacturer of various equipment required to build a complete M-Bus infrastructure. Our selection partially includes meters, sensors, signal and level converters and gateways. M-Bus splitters, M-Bus adapters and other related accessories are also a significant part of our product range.

The M-Bus-compatible meters collect precise data on heat, water, electricity, and temperature, while the sensors will provide data on humidity, CO2, and temperature. The M-Bus gateways will collect data from all meters and sensors within the network and then create an interface to the Meter Data management (MDM) software. All devices can be operated both through the fixed network and through mobile technology.

Our infrastructure catalogue is expanded by the M-Bus masters. They can be used both as amplifiers to increase the length of the M-Bus cabling or to raise the number of devices the M-Bus gateway can read.

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