Mounting the product

M-Bus Splitter can be mounted on a DIN-rail or directly on the wall. For wall mounting, the black mounting bracket on the back of the M-Bus Splitter has to be demounted from the unit and mounted on the wall. The M-Bus Splitter will then be snapped on to the black mounting bracket.

  1. 24 V power supply should be connected when more than one meter is connected or if the Splitter does not manage to operate the connected meter. It is important that the power supply is only used to power the M-Bus Splitter (and not additional devices).

  2. Connect meter on the terminal marked with M-Bus IN. The meters must have unique primary addresses between 1 and 250.

  3. Connect M-Bus master on the terminals marked with M-Bus OUT2 and OUT1. M-Bus OUT2 must be connected as it provides power to the Splitter.

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