Mounting the module

Mount CMi6110 in either a L+G UH50 heat meter or L+G UC50 calculator.

  1. Mount a SIM card (size: Nano) in the SIM card holder (7).

  2. Grab the module by the outer edges.

  3. Gently press it into position in module slot 2.


SIM card mounting

Connection of the antenna

Internal antenna
  • Route the cable according to following image.



Internal antenna is only an option for battery powered devices.

External antenna
  1. Connect an external antenna (released by the supplier) with MCX connector to the module in the UH50/UC50.

  2. Route the antenna cable.

  3. Push the connector gently into the socket on the module.



The battery supplying the meter must be connected before the battery supplying the NB-IoT module is connected to the CMi6110.


If using an external antenna, make sure to mount it at least 0.5 meters away from the meter in order not to cause interference.


  • The rubber gromets may not be cut.

  • Punch a hole with 3mm diameter through the grommet. A 3mm hex key (Allen key), for example, is a suitable tool.

  • Make sure to remove the strain relief (metallic clip) and do not remount it due to the risk of damaging the antenna cable. If you want to add additional strain relief, mount a cable tie on the antenna cable, close to the cable entry inside the enclosure.

Connecting PSU power

  • Connect the (longer) 2-wire cord from the power supply unit (24V or 110/230V) in the right compartment to the power connector (2). For more information about PSU, see manual for CMip2110/ WZU-AC230-xx.


CMi6110 connections

Connecting battery power (option)

Battery operation is available from FW 1.03. Models with earlier FW can be remotely updated.

  1. Remove the red flap inside the meter.

  2. If the right compartment for power supplies is equipped, remove that battery or power supply unit.

  3. For the meter supply, a Landis+Gyr WZU-BC+GUM battery must be inserted into the left compartment.

  4. Mount the Landis+Gyr WZU-NB-IoT-BAT (battery+holder) in the right compartment.


CMi6110 connections


The battery supplying the meter must be connected before connecting the battery supplying the CMi6110.

Removing the meter’s red flap is only allowed for this purpose! The battery holder (made of isolating material) substitutes the function of the red flap. Once inserted into the meter it cannot be removed.

Activating the module

Upon delivery, the module is set to passive mode, which means no messages will be transmitted from the module. There are two ways to activate the module:

Via the module push button
Via Elvaco OTC app


If the module is installed in the meter, the NFC field is easiest accessible if placing your smartphone at the lower part on the right hand side of the meter.

Network connection

When activated, the module will attempt to connect to the mobile network. The phase is indicated by the green and red LED lights up for 1 second, followed by short flashes on the green LED until the module has joined the mobile network. When the module succeeds in connecting to the mobile network, the green LED will lighten up for 8 seconds, as illustrated in the following image. A meter readout will automatically be sent to the receiving system.

If the module fails to join the mobile network, it will perform retries until it succeeds. The time between each attempt will increase for every attempt until it is performed once every day. A new join attempt cycle can be manually started anytime by using the push button to reboot the module or by deactivating and activating the module using the Elvaco OTC App.

LED indication_network_join_NBIot_.png

LED indications, network connection

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