General info about Elvaco Services

Elvaco Services offers services aimed at simplifying the everyday life of metering responsible personnel in energy companies and real estate companies. We accomplish this by delivering world-class energy metering and sub-metering, integrations and exports to your ERP/BMS and service by our knowledgeable staff. Our collection system is also open to all types of meters that support M-bus.


  • End customer vizualisation and analysis
    An end-user portal for your customers to track their usage

  • Exports and billing
    Exports of metering data in the desired format to your debit and business system. If desired, we can also help you set up billing through selected partners

  • Communication
    Data is collected across both IP and mobile networks in most parts of the world. Over the mobile network we only use our own closed network (APN)

  • Deep analysis 
    Partnerships with a number of selected partners offering you the best solutions on the market within each niche


Enabling you to focus on is your core business!

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