CMe3100 - Release Notes

CMe3100 Firmware version 1.10.X

Elvaco recommends upgrading to latest firmware on all units.


CMe3100 Firmware version 1.10.1

Released: 2023-12-06

Detailed Change log:

Bug Fixes

  • CME3-2188 Fixed scale constant for REST API endpoints 


CMe3100 Firmware version 1.10.0

Released: 2023-10-06


  • All devices should be upgraded at nearest convenient point in time to let users benefit from improvements and stabilization of the device.
  • N.b! Old certificate of the computer setup program ‘Configure CMe3100’ has expired. New certificate for the setup file is implemented from this firmware (v1.10.0) and onwards.
    • Contact Elvaco support, if you are using a firmware older than 1.10.0 and need the setup file for installing or configuring your device via USB on your computer. However, if the configuration software is already installed, then there is not an issue.


  • Implemented measurement series template including CO2 for new products Elvaco Sense
  • Implemented the support of VIF/VIFE changes introduced in the M-Bus standard 13757-3:2018
  • Stability improvements
  • Fixed minor bug fixes and translation issues

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-620: Implemented documentation for stream plugin in web interface
  • CME3-2132: Added CO2 measurement series for Elvaco Sense series
  • CME3-2010: Clicking edit/pen icon for measurement series should land on edit page
  • CME3-2114: Updated our M-Bus support to support VIF/VIFE changes introduced in 13757-3:2018
  • CME3-2124: Clicking edit/pen icon for meter should land on edit page
  • CME3-2134: Changed default trust store password
  • CME3-2142: Added license check as periodic check
  • CME3-762: Error labels in GUI wrong placement
  • CME3-788: Empty primary address on Add meter page results in error
  • CME3-790: Wait spinner not removed when input validation fails on "Add new meter" page
  • CME3-1850: Measurement series template for Elvaco wired room sensor stopped working
  • CME3-1985: JSON-RPC configuration page link results in a page saying "Unauthorized"
  • CME3-1990: Firmware update: Uploading the same file more than once results in a white screen
  • CME3-2003: REST API ignores the constant set in measurement series
  • CME3-2015: Modmap table search inconsistency
  • CME3-2019: CMe3100 CPUTemperatureProvider; Exception
  • CME3-2022: M-Bus interface to search validation of the address
  • CME3-2047: Password field is not masked on the login screen
  • CME3-2075: Include list command via telnet has no impact on the device
  • CME3-2108: Event id for log events are always -1 in log report
  • CME3-2115: The same M-Bus interface can be defined multiple times
  • CME3-2116: Renaming username does not check if the name already exists
  • CME3-2126: Delete function(s) translation page does not work
  • CME3-2128: Version missing on software update confirmation page
  • CME3-2151: REST documentation page (index_api.html) not rendered anymore
  • CME3-2153: Error editing type translation
  • CME3-2154: Incorrect script path to main.js in JSON-RPC pages
  • CME3-2155: Stream help page compiles at runtime (REMOVE)
  • CME3-2156: Load Stream Analyzer when the service is disabled results in Nullpointer Exception
  • CME3-2158: Automatic configuration update during startup not working
  • CME3-2173: Measurement series table exports are empty
  • CME3-2033: Investigate why the web server is not always responding to UndertowWatchdog
  • CME3-xxxx: Other bug fixes and stability improvements


CMe3100 Firmware version 1.9.X

CMe3100 Firmware version 1.9.11

Released: 2023-06-07

  • All devices should be upgraded at nearest convenient point in time to let users benefit from stabilization of the device.


  • Fixed inconsistency between UI and configuration of device
    • Improved validation when restoring backup configuration

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-2106: Fixed inconsistency between UI and configuration of device


CMe3100 Firmware version 1.9.10

Released: 2023-05-16

  • All devices should be upgraded at nearest convenient point in time to let users benefit from stabilization of the device.


  • Added that the logfile is always deleted and replaced with an empty database as soon as a firmware update process is initiated
    • For complete set of rules regarding log database, see user manual of CMe3100
  • Fixed update issue with device not preserving https service settings when upgrading from a FW version <1.9.0 to 1.9.9

Detailed Change Log:

  • Implemented new rules of storing logfile
  • Fixed issue with device not preserving https service settings when upgrading from a FW version <1.9.0 to v1.9.9


CMe3100 Firmware version 1.9.9

Released: 2023-03-17

  • All devices should be upgraded at nearest convenient point in time to let users benefit from stabilization of the device.


  • If using firmware version v1.9.0 or later and using custom trust store, verify in web interface that the following tick box is unticked:
    • Web interface –> services –> webserver –> Update trust store during next software update
  • If using CMe3100 and CMex50 with stream mode. Make sure to have CMeX50 firmware version v2.0.1 or newer, when updating CMe3100 to this firmware version.
  • New firmware uses by default the http chunked-transfer mode when sending reports.
    • When http chunked-mode is used, the Content-Length http header is not available


  • Fixed local storage and process of resending reports, when report export fails when using stream mode
  • Added TLS email support
  • Shortened time taken for initiating a factory reset on device. Hold button during startup until red and green LED blinks alternatively (approximately 20-25s)
  • Added “show error value” in measurement series templates to enable changing this setting for all meters simultaneously
    • If template is updated, all meters get the new setting
  • Added new report using rest API to retrieve historical data between certain dates with time zone included
  • Other stability improvements

Detailed change log:

  • CME3-190: Fixed that factory reset doesn't start when network cable is not connected
  • CME3-683: Show error value in measurement series template
  • CME3-845: Saving ftp reports locally should be improved
  • CME3-1836: Added REST: Historical measurement series data showing timezone
  • CME3-1853: CMe3100 logfile writes until unit is not reachable
  • CME3-1908: Clean mobiledata
  • CME3-1913: Added support for saving stream reports
  • CME3-1945: Fixed trust store update check box
  • CME3-1954: FTP reports: Error writing report .zip-file to disk.
  • CME3-1956: Remove feature to reboot on low memory (java)
  • CME3-1960: java.lang.StackOverflowError: regression introduced in MR-832
  • CME3-1722: resolv.conf being corrupt stops unit from starting
  • CME3-1726: New Zulu Java Available (11.60.20)
  • CME3-1727: Add email with TLS support
  • CME3-1869: Update Undertow webserver
  • CME3-648: Configure "error value" on multiple meters (measurement series)
  • CME3-1473: Shortened time taken to start a factory reset using physical button

CMe3100 Firmware version v1.9.8.1 -

Released: 2023-01-11

  • Stabilize and improve performance connected to memory utilization
  • Improved stream mode stability and performance
  • Fixed previous known issue with a capacity problem when using the following configuration simultaneously
    • Both virtual slave ports active
    • Continuous readout active
    • Firmware version older than 1.9

Detailed Change Log firmware version

  • Added measurement series for 'free' command
  • Limit heap size

Detailed Change Log firmware version

  • Uncaught exception in configuration upload
  • Stream: malformed cron patterns accepted
  • Stream: Avoid flooding log with stream log messages
  • Memory optimization
  • Stream: Reboot after resend fail
  • Stream: Make storing of analyzer data optional
  • Stream: push report resend support

Detailed Change Log firmware version

  • CME3-1909 Avoid flooding log with stream buffer full logs


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.9.8

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-1870 Improve Stream service stability
  • CMe3-1866 Stream: improve export of in-memory database content
  • CMe3-1865 Correct free RAM calculation
  • CME3-1832 Fixed capacity problem having both virtual slave ports and continuous readout active simultaneously


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.9.6.1

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-1822 Adjust XMX and XMS flags for java
  • CME3-1821 Update Undertow webserver
  • CME3-1749 Remove "ping home" function from UI to speed it up in closed networks
  • CME3-1747 Remove support for OpenVPN
  • CME3-1712 Web UI support for downloading heap dump
  • CME3-1711 Watchdog: Dump heap before low memory reboot
  • CME3-1709 Reboot on low memory
  • CME3-1706 Reboot now button on Restart web UI page
  • CME3-1704 Add JVM tools for heap memory management etc
  • CME3-1700 Web UI support for configuring scheduled reboot
  • CME3-1694 Add JVM free memory as measurement series source


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.9.5

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-1685 Decoding error of GAV meter
  • CME3-1681 MAC address is shown on error pages when not logged in
  • CME3-1663 Watchdog might not work as planned
  • CME3-1661 Some help texts for default recipients have wrong placement
  • CME3-1638 modbus float does not work
  • CME3-1632 The timestamp in the CMe3100 does not follow the standard
  • CME3-1617 "File per device" E-mail reports does not handle include list correctly
  • CME3-1592 Problem with stream and kamstrup meters
  • CME3-1590 Reports with one file/meter not working
  • CME3-1478 Det går inte att importera mätseriemallar
  • CME3-1459 Stream service configuration pages missing page footer
  • CME3-1457 REST service configuration pages missing page footer
  • CME3-1455 Modus service configuration pages missing page footer
  • CME3-1453 DLMS service configuration pages missing page footer
  • CME3-1451 JSON-RPC service configuration pages missing page footer
  • CME3-1015 Exporting measurement series template with special character makes export corrupt


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.9.4

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-1574 Install progress information missing when searching for meters
  • CME3-1567 Password field is not masked in Default FTP settings
  • CME3-1519 Search for meters usability issues
  • CME3-1508 DNS can not be set
  • CME3-1503 Retrymax for pushreports does not work
  • CME3-1485 SFTP problem SETSTAT missmatch


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.9.3

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-1510 is taken by CMe3100 software itself in some cases
  • CME3-1505 When performing configuration backup, current config might be corrupt


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.9.2

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-1480 Make "Scheduled tasks" show ALL scheduled tasks
  • CME3-1417 Upgrade log4j to 2.16
  • CME3-1216 Log page is very slow to load
  • CME3-1185 Update i18n
  • CME3-1163 Add M-Bus master USB
  • CME3-1131 Redesign DLMS Channel Mapping page
  • CME3-785 Update CMe3100 pictures
  • CME3-714 Add REST documentation and helper UI
  • CME3-1497 CMe3100 was not using client cert authentication correct
  • CME3-1469 Random schedule might result in multiple jobs being triggered
  • CME3-1453 DLMS service configuration pages missing page footer
  • CME3-1431 Meassurement series value is corrupt using Modbus
  • CME3-1325 Autoconfig not working for stream device
  • CME3-1247 FTP error log contains obfuscated class information
  • CME3-1159 Green Led is indicating UI is accessable before webserver started
  • CME3-1149 When removing all Passive Meters and Linked Measurement series all Measurement series are removed
  • CME3-1132 When using REST interface OpenVPN doesn't disconnect correctly
  • CME3-942 problem with passwords that contain "
  • CME3-793 Message in log (and event) when updating user record via REST is not always correct


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.9.1

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-998  Remove unneeded dropdown at log page
  • CME3-991  Support async in CMe3100
  • CME3-941  Update AuthFilter to work in Undertow
  • CME3-898  HTTPS with undertow
  • CME3-895  REST should run with Undertow
  • CME3-866  Implement support for sending push reports via SFTP
  • CME3-850  Add support for creating configuration backup when performing software update
  • Decrypt OMS4 telegram
  • CME3-767  UI should compare that both separators don't match
  • CME3-742  Create reset password script
  • CME3-726  Add more information from watchdog to log
  • CME3-637  Add support for enabling/disabling plugin servlets at runtime
  • CME3-545  Include Elvaco-Plugin-Stream in main application
  • CME3-543  Include Elvaco-Plugin-Rest in main application
  • CME3-542  Include Elvaco-Plugin-Modbus in main application
  • CME3-541  Include Elvaco-Plugin-JSON-RPC in main application
  • CME3-540  Addons moved to services page
  • CME3-526  Update debug logo at log page
  • CME3-406  Allowlist should not be available on DLMS push reports page
  • CME3-838 


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.9.0

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-208 CMe3100 push reports should handle TLS 1.2
  • CME3-526 Addons moved to services page
  • CME3-621 Update the graphical profile
  • CME3-637 Add more information from watchdog to log
  • CME3-720 Add support for changing report separator from ";" to another separator
  • CME3-764 CMe3100 should be able to decrypt OMS 4.02 (Level 7)
  • CME3-850 Support for creating configuration backup during software update
  • CME3-856 Support for sending reports via SFTP
  • CME3-998 Remove unneeded drop down at log page
  • CME3-587 Basic auth is not working with default HTTP settings
  • CME3-589 Deprecated Modbus holding registers cannot be removed
  • CME3-667 Modbus mapping export data is truncated
  • CME3-706 Device type ids > 64 results in meters being inaccessible in UI
  • CME3-735 Exception when adding meter interface to search
  • CME3-746 Certificate for Windows installer has expired
  • CME3-383 ‘Allow list’ should not be available on DLMS push reports page
  • CME3-934 Scheduled report setting not changed after config sync
  • CME3-944 Factory reset via telnet has no effect
  • CME3-979 Deprecated endpoint /device/values/{identification}
  • CME3-999 Factory reset doesn't do full factory reset
  • CME3-1001 Measurement series templates gets corrupted when imported
  • CME3-1003 Stream mode missing meters
  • CME3-1019 Updating status log is not working when 'Continues Readout' is activated


CMe3100 Firmware version 1.8.X

CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.19

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-708 Continuous readout only updates with 1 min interval
  • CME3-740 Time input to backup settings script is not updated


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.18

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-661 Save FTP push reports on device and download them from UI
  • CME3-193 When not logged in, MAC address is shown in header
  • CME3-658 Endless storevalue
  • CME3-682 White page in UI after failing to upload measurement template
  • CME3-697 Backup settings not fully translated to German


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.17

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-638 JVM crash triggered during application launch


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.16

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-617 Change language strings in language selector (English, Deutsch, Svenska)
  • CME3-623 Errors in auto configuration files are hard to identify (improve logging)
  • CME3-624 JSON-RPC plugin operations returns no data


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.15

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-595 Added export functionality at analyses section in Stream mode
  • CME3-612 Web user interface translated to German
  • CME3-590 DLMS mapping list is not working with warmwater
  • CME3-591 DLMS should not create device map records if man/devtype/version is not valid
  • CME3-592 DLMS should not create session if there is no data to send
  • CME3-601 FTPS gives error message "Protection buffer size not negotiated"
  • CME3-611 Support MCal missing (VIF extended code table)


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.14

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-477 M-Bus parser doesn't support US gallons in mbus.dib-field
  • CME3-534 Stream mode should handle encrypted devices
  • CME3-560 Continuously sending NKE
  • CME3-564 Poor documentation of JSON plugin
  • CME3-573 Add logo for Integra Metering


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.13

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-439, Stream mode usability improvements
  • CME3-442,
  • CME3-462
  • CME3-478, Platform upgrade
  • CME3-448,
  • CME3-500
  • CME3-443 Deactivate measurement series when license larger than 256
  • CME3-481 Improve device logging options
  • CME3-502 Add information text for readout vs number of meters
  • CME3-510 Redesign language selector in UI
  • CME3-425 Spelling error in measurement series template (secundary -> secondary)
  • CME3-504 Device Logical name in UI is not correct


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.12

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-397 Add temperature information in maintenance log
  • CME3-419 Add CMe3100 temperature as measurement series source
  • CME3-136 Missing timeframe for expiry time at measurement series
  • CME3-278 FTP timeout field is missing in the web interface
  • CME3-369 M-Bus parser error
  • CME3-441 Stream mode floods log


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.11

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-411 Sending nke=253 when experiencing M-Bus decoding errors


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.10

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-133 New logotypes for meter manufacturers added
  • CME3-387 CMe3100 is now able to handle intermittent error in Badger Water Meter E-Series not getting selected/deselected during search/readout. Feature may be enabled/disabled using configuration. See new configuration parameters device.mbus.nke.*.
  • CME3-396 A new connection is now established for each new DLMS Push Report
  • CME3-235 Help text of default e-mail sender address is not correct
  • CME3-353 FTP timeout field is missing in the web interface
  • CME3-356 Setting a recurrent reboot via cron does not work
  • CME3-389 REST call may result in the memory getting full


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.9

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-335 Cron is not updated when syncing settings (auto configuration)
  • CME3-337 Swedish translation on the web server configuration page (Configuration/Services/Webserver) is wrong


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.8

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-334 DLMS did not handle increasing frame counters correctly when DLMS clients performed pull requests.


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.7

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-294 Fraud log events in DLMS plugin are now divided. One report for gateway events and one report per meter for meter events. In previous versions they were all sent in one report.
  • CME3-314 Column ‘logid’ for log event added when exporting logs.
  • CME3-315 Column ‘created’ extended to show also milliseconds of the log event when exporting logs.


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.6

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-237 DLMS plugin user interface improvements: OBIS codes are now configurable
  • CME3-268 Added two new type of report templates (e-mail, FTP and HTTP)


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.5

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-234 Added possibility to set runbefore commands in web interface
  • CME3-160 Advanced meter search made more user-friendly
  • CME3-231 Some types of meters are not reacting to storevalue commands from CMe3100
  • CME3-230 Some types of meters cannot be installed by CMe3100
  • CME3-198 When auto configuration has been started, it cannot be disabled
  • CME3-138 Temporary folders are not deleted at reboots


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.4

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-205 Meter installation is interrupted due to collisions on the M-Bus line


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.3

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-210 In cases when CMe3100 does not receive a 2xx response from the HTTP server, Push Reports will not be sent
  • CME3-163 An error in the product third-party library prevents secure DLMS Push Reports from being sent
  • CME3-162 The DLMS plugin does not handle some integers correctly


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.2

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-111 Users are now able to export raw M-Bus data via the REST interface
  • CME3-125 “REST: UserLink – Delete userlink (s)” returns failure message when the operation is successful
  • CME3-124 Some REST features generate incorrect response messages
  • CME3-113 DLMS: Secured push is not according to standard
  • CME3-112 Unable to add or edit content in the user.cfg configuration file via REST
  • CME3-102 Device fails to upload data via FTPS in some cases
  • CME3-26 Device accepts uploads of software file formats that it is unable to handle


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.1

Detailed Change Log:

  • CME3-79 Existing meter icons have been improved
  • CME3-61 Change log has been replaced by a link to the corresponding information on the website
  • CME3-14 Missing meter icons have been implemented in the CMe3100 web interface
  • CME3-92 The time of the device cannot be set manually
  • CME3-91 An old user’s manual reference has not been removed from the web interface
  • CME3-90 The online resources section links to the old website
  • CME3-87 Certain URIs are not handled properly
  • CME3-12 M-Bus telegram is not published in system log when an M-Bus decode exception is caught
  • CME3-11 Duplicated devices in meter list are ignored


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.8.0

Detailed Change Log:

  • 4574 Device now handles all HTTP response codes in the 2xx range.
  • 3954 Device now supports FTPS Push Reports


CMe3100 Firmware version 1.7.X

CMe3100 Firmware version v1.7.4

Detailed Change Log:

  • 4514 REST: Delete log is removed to improve security, now also removed from help section
  • 4491 Default time synchronization is changed to 11:30 pm/am instead of 0:30 pm/am
  • 4055 REST: Device can now be updated via identification field (/device/update/identification/{identification}/…)
  • 4230 Meters with compact frame cannot be decrypted (e.g. Kamstrup MC21)


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.7.3

Detailed Change Log:

  • 4044 Measurement series template for gas meters added
  • 3902 License information available in status command
  • 3739 It is now possible to execute auto configuration automatically after it has been saved
  • 4230 Report schedule selection is empty after update
  • 4063 Meter data is read correctly via virtual slave port in continues mode
  • 3655 The option to delete records from the system log via REST interface is removed to improve security


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.7.2

Detailed Change Log:

  • 4178 Virtual M-Bus communication starts with wrong configuration upon reboot


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.7.1

Detailed Change Log:

  • 4043 DLMS doesn't handle interpunctuation characters as part of octet strings


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.7.0

Detailed Change Log:

  • 3547 New DLMS event "User trying to lower security policy" is added to system lo
  • 3557 Device monitoring is now available using SNMP
  • 3936 Raw and decoded M-Bus data are now available in DLMS
  • 3950 System log event ID is now included in log Push Reports
  • 3960 Certificate handling for HTTPS is improved to allow more advanced setups
  • 4023 Boot counter is now added to device statistics (Device > About)
  • 3686 Format specifiers are sometimes not resolved in system log entry texts
  • 3843 Push Report number is wrong in system log entry text for configuration change events


CMe3100 Firmware version 1.6.X

CMe3100 Firmware version v1.6.3

Detailed Change Log:

  • 3981 Software package update to support improved production process


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.6.2

Detailed Change Log:

  • 2537 HTTP Push Report is logged as failed if receiving web server doesn't respond with a body
  • 3844 Save & Send test report doesn't work if security level 1 password is set
  • 3849 Unable to use individual settings for Authentication mode in HTTP Push Reports, default settings are always used


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.6.1

Detailed Change Log:

  • 3499 Mass deployment of firmware updates, configurations and licenses is now possible using the EDM tool
  • 3539 Measurement serie templates can now be imported and exported to simplify configuration
  • 3566 REST interface is now supporting Continuous read out mode using mdmdata/api/single/ or mdmdata/api/multi/
  • 3570 Modbus slave address can now be changed (Modbus add-on)
  • 3657 Limit for exporting measurement series is now increased to 5000
  • 3658 "Signal Strength" is now added to measurement series template "Electricity, ABB, general"
  • 3410 Push Reports doesn't work if schedule is set to daily reports
  • 3467 Meter readout cycle is aborted if a wireless meter is faulty
  • 3560 Heavy load on Virtual M-Bus over TCP/IP sometimes causes "Error connecting."
  • 3561 Scheduling a Push Report with a shorter interval than it takes to complete the report sending causes the device to become overloaded and reboot.
  • 3564 Display error value in settings for Measurement series doesn't work
  • 3567 Unable to detect a lost Ethernet connection
  • 3669 Sending value or log Push Report causes report service to hang if reports are larger than 100 values per meter / entries (v1.6.0)
  • 3700 Factory reset change the hostname to CMe3100-0016000000
  • 3703 The M-Bus interface sometimes hangs if multiple services access the M-Bus
  • 3727 DLMS connection idle timeout setting doesn't work
  • 3766 "filter.device.includelist" setting doesn't work with report templates containing multiple meters in a single file


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.6.0

Detailed Change Log:

  • 3293 Database performance is improved
  • 3433 Automatic retransmit of Push Reports that has failed to reach its destination is now improved
  • 3435 System log is reworked with a complete new set of entries
  • 3466 Option to recover password via e-mail on My Account page is removed to improve security
  • 3474 New feature "DLMS Plugin" is added to list of available add-ons
  • 3488 Link-local address for USB network interface is changed from to to avoid conflicting IP addresses
  • 3490 New feature "Continuous readout mode"
  • 3497 Integration with Kabona systems are now streamlined
  • 3206 Push Report schedule automatically aligns with meter readout schedule
  • 3175 Requesting data through Virtual M-Bus using secondary address sometimes returns wrong/no data
  • 3195 Changing port for the Web server service doesn't display the "reboot is required" banner
  • 3276 Validation of email address doesn't allow two dots, e.g.
  • 3340 Push Reports doesn't handle huge meter values (greater than unsigned int 32)
  • 3346 Unable to decrypt telegrams from CMeX20W, results in error "unknown encryption method"
  • 3349 Add-on settings are not stored when creating a backup file
  • 3369 Meter readout doesn't show error message when unable to connect to the meter (applies to all versions 1.4.x)
  • 3482 Reports can be malformed if M-Bus field of type string contains non-ascii characters
  • 3489 Unable to search log entries if the search string contains an apostrophe sign (')


CMe3100 Firmware version 1.4.X

CMe3100 Firmware version v1.4.4

Detailed Change Log:

  • 3427 Size of system log increased, and disk cleanup procedure improved
  • 3428 HTTP Push Reports now supports HTTPS
  • 3426 System log is deleted when maximum database size is reached
  • 3436 Columns between "MOID" and "Secondary address" is in wrong order for report template 1112, 2112, 3112 (v1.4.3)


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.4.3

Detailed Change Log:

  • 3350 System security is improved
  • 3365 Client certificates can now be used to authenticate clients connecting to the web server or REST interface (Services - Web server)
  • 3265 Unable to download backup file from file repository if larger than 40MB
  • 3400 Manufacturer name is incorrectly shown when importing encryption keys with manufacturer information
  • 3402 An extra tab can be present in the commissioning report


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.4.2

Detailed Change Log:

  • 3353 Upgrading to v1.4.1 when ModBus plugin is installed sometimes causes the ModBus mapping to disappear


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.4.1

Detailed Change Log:

  • 3292 The factory reset function causes database settings to become incorrect.
  • Ref: PQN 22502-5
  • 3297 The option to delete records from the system log is removed to improve security
  • 3303 Export function in System log can now export the full log as csv (previously limited to 1000 entries)


CMe3100 Firmware version v1.4.0

Detailed Change Log:

  • 3079 Change device is removed to adapt to a coming feature update
  • 2719 Virtual M-Bus can now support enhanced secondary addressing
  • (provided for compatibility reasons)
  • 3243 JavaScript feature in Measurement series is temporarily disabled until a more
  • user friendly API has been developed
  • 3221 Measure object ID is added as a separate column to export files from Modbus mappings and file is now filtered according to filter settings on page
  • 3170 Timeout settings for ftp, http, and email, are added to settings for Services > Push Reports (default is now 60 sec)
  • 3088 Date and time for when device was started is added to the System Panel
  • 3084 Push Report URL is now allowing all types of characters to enable e.g. request parameters
  • 2917 Modbus constant in Measurement series > Modbus Map can now handle decimal constants
  • 2392 Presets for week, month and quarter are added to Report schedule control
  • 3117 New feature "Adaptive Retries" is added to the Push Reports service
  • 3081 Sending push reports can hang the report service if receiving HTTP server can't be reached
  • 2716 Sending E-Mail and FTP push reports can hang the report service if the receiving server doesn't manage the connection correctly
  • 3261 Device backup doesn't store all configuration settings in backup (only meter value database)
  • 3080 System log is flooded with "Connection refused" when using HTTPS to connect to the web interface
  • 2538 Report columns and data is sometimes mismatched if meters are using multi telegram
  • 3254 Device doesn't warn user if there isn't enough disk space to perform a backup which can cause the device to become unresponsive (will need factory reset)
  • 3253 Date & time icon in installation panel is showing a warning when accepted time difference is set to 0 even if time sync is working correctly
  • 3236 Support links are in Swedish when selected language is English
  • 3201 Unable to set Manual DNS if Dynamic IP is chosen
  • 3193 Firmware update dialog is displayed incorrectly in IE 11
  • 3175 Requesting data through Virtual M-Bus using secondary address sometimes returns wrong data
  • 3132 Virtual M-Bus doesn’t respond with ACK when receiving SND_NKE and using secondary addressing
  • 3082 Unable to set time using Console interface
  • 3072 Editing settings for a faulty meter causes an error page to be displayed
  • 3071 Export file from measurement series table is incorrect
  • 3007 REST interface example about report settings doesn't work
  • 3002 REST interface GET /system/time sometimes return wrong moth
  • 2918 Changing host name (Network settings) sometimes fails and causes and host name to be reverted to default name
  • 2749 REST interface device command doesn't work
  • 2557 Sorting meter list on status column sometimes doesn't work
  • 2438 Changing from static to dynamic IP causes an error if the device hasn't a working network connection

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