How to add your LoRa device to your LoRa network

In this guide it will be shown the steps you need to take to add the device into your LoRa network

(by OTAA method). 


In this example, we have used a CMa11L and the Blink portal, but the procedure is very much the same with all the big network providers.


First, make sure that you have downloaded your Elvaco OTC app from google play.
Or from appstore

Then make sure that you own your device digitally on the Elvaco EVO portal by claiming it to your organisation. When it is done properly the device should be marked as "claimed".

How the claimprocess is done is shown in this video.

If you do not yet have an account, please talk with your organisation administrator and he/she will give you one. If this is the first time using any of Elvacos LoRa products you should have recieved details about this from where you bought it (elvaco or any of its partners).


When this steps is done you will need to activate your CMa11L sensor. This could be done by either pressing the button on its rear side. Or by using the OTC app. This guide will cover the app method.

Activate the NFC on your phone and start the Elvaco OTC app. 

Sign into the app with the same credentials that you used to access the EVO portal.

make sure you know where the NFC reader is placed on your phone, and hold it towards the front of the CMa11L. This will make the APP scan the device and it will look like this.


The device is inactive and locked. It will also have a Join EUI (which is the same as App EUI) set to 0000000000000000.

By pressing "APPLY" a new tab will be shown with the possibility to change settings on the device.

We now need to change the powermode to "active" (this would have been done if you pressed the physical button mentioned erlier) and add the correct Join EUI, which is a preset code that is the same for all the CMa11L. it is as standard 94193A0106000B04.


When this is done we will press "apply" at the bottom and place our phone again towards the sensors front.

After this step is done, you can check that the settings was applied correcty, by once again scan it and look at the inspect tab.


Now we need to add the sensor to our LoRa network (portal). So we would need to sigh in to in this case the Blink portal and "create a new sensor"

In this case we will work with OTAA and class A.


when this is done the device will appear on our device list. It has not been setup yet and has not been provisioned, which means it hasnt been activated yet.


When entering the specific sensor it looks like this.



The next step is to add the same AppEUI that was added into the OTC app, there it is called Join EUI.
And we also need to add the Appkey, which is found on your EVO platform shown in the video. In this example it looks like this when it is downloaded.


The Appkey and the otaaApplicationKey is in this case the same.


The final step is now to provision the device. When this isnt done and the device hasnt been able to join yet it will look like this.

But when the provison has been made and a minute has passed it will show that the connection has been achived by saying network joined=Yes.



The device will start to send data direcly when the connection is done. 
Note that if the ecomode is on it will later send in a way to preserve battery.







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