Time synchronization between CMi2110 and LG UH50

The clock synchronization between CMi2110 and UH50 is not enabled by default. When this settings is set to true, the CMi2110 will synchronize the clock on the UH50 to be the same as the CMi2110. If time is drifting more than 90 seconds, it will do a resynchronize of the clock. Default settings for the timesync are at 11:30 AM and PM (11:30 and 23.30). A time synchronization between CMi2110 and UH50 is also performed at startup of the CMi2110.



To enable time synchronization



This feature works on Gen2 and Gen3 of the CMi2110, for Gen2, this feature was released in V2.6.5, and for Gen3 it was released in V3.1.3.


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