CMi2130 - Doesn't read meter

* Observe. Commands below are only needed in software version below 3.1.2 for generation 3. In software version 3.1.2 this command is sent at each new installation. 

Serial numbers below 30100000 still need to do the commands below.

In some cases, the meter is just sending the MBus header back from the meter. This happens when the meter is in software mode to configure the meter. This can be solved by sending the following command.

device 254 sndud device.command.cifield=50 device.command.cfield=53

This command resets the meter's software back to the correct state.

This is the correct order. 


device 254 sndud device.command.cifield=50 device.command.cfield=53

Device response

device started.

When the command is sent and the meter has answered.

Device response

device completed successfully.

After 'Acknowledge', try a new store value, and everything should work as normal.

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