Using the LCD display

The sensor is equipped with a display with two different modes: standard mode and setup mode. Current sensor information is displayed in the standard mode.

  • Press the push button SW2 to display the next page in the standard mode.


    Standard mode

    Through the standard menu, information about average, maximum and minimum values, as well as messages, can be accessed.

Symbols in the LCD display

The CMa10w display uses two symbols to help illustrate encryption mode and battery level.

Encryption mode

This symbol is used to illustrate if the device is currently running in encrypted or unencrypted mode. If the key symbol is present on the display, all communication will be encrypted. If it is not, all communication will be unencrypted.




All messages are encrypted by a AES 128-bit algorithm.

Battery level indicator

The battery level indicator is used to illustrate the current battery level. Make sure to exchange the product if the battery level indicator is flashing.




Battery has full capacity.


Battery level is at medium.


Battery level is low.


Battery is almost empty.



Battery level is critically low, and the product will stop working within 12 months.

Performing readouts from the sensor via a mobile phone

The sensor has a built-in NFC antenna which can be used to perform readouts from the device via a mobile phone.

  1. Place the mobile phone NFC reader next to the sensor NFC antenna.

  2. Wait for the readout to be performed automatically.

The following information will be read:

  • Model name

  • Firmware version

  • Hardware version

  • Activation status

  • Serial number

  • Temperature, current/average over last 24 hours

  • Humidity, current/average over last 24 hours

  • Encryption mode

  • Transmit interval

  • Wireless M-Bus mode

  • SDC status

  • SDC data

  • Setup lock status

Enabling setup lock

When enabling setup lock, the correct encryption key will be needed in order to configure device settings.

The following configuration fields and features will be affected (locked) when setup lock is enabled:

  • LCD contrast

  • Language

  • Encryption status

  • Transmit interval

  • Setup lock

  • Factory reset

  • Send telegram

  • SDC status


If setup lock has been enabled, the device cannot be unlocked again.


SDC data is the only configuration field which can be written to without having access to the encryption key if the device has been locked.


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