Accessing encryption keys

The key to Elvaco Sense sensors is located in the elvaco.evo portal. Upon delivery, the customer receives an invitation to the elvaco.evo portal via E-mail, triggered by Elvaco.

  1. Go to http://

  2. Claim your devices to your organization.

  3. See to claim devices for more information about the claiming of devices.

Configuring settings via Elvaco OTC App (NFC)

The Elvaco Sense sensors are equipped with an NFC module, which can be used to configure settings or read data via a smartphone.

  1. Download “Elvaco OTC” application from Google Play or App store and install it on a smartphone or tablet. The smartphone/tablet device must support NFC.


    OTC app on Android


    OTC app on Iphone

  2. Enable NFC on the smartphone and start the application.

  3. Press SCAN and hold the smartphone on top of the sensors NFC antenna.

  4. To configure settings:

    1. Use the application to change any settings if needed.

    2. Hold the smartphone on top of the NFC antenna placement to transfer the new settings to the sensor.

    3. The blue LED will flashing in blue indicatesing that the settings have now been updated.

  5. To measure values:

    1. The first scanning will wake up the sensor and collect current meter value.

    2. Within 30 seconds, hold the smartphone on top of the sensors NFC antenna.

      The second scanning will show the current meter value.

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