Mounting the product


Don’t mount the product near supplementary heat sources, such as kitchen stoves or in direct sunlight.


Mount the product at least 1.5 meters above the floor and at least 1 meter from nearest radiator.


Don’t mount the product on an external wall or near a door. If mounted over a conduit pipe, make sure that the pipe is filled to prevent air flow.


Do not mount the sensor in a steel cabinet. Doing so will dramatically decrease the signal coverage.

  1. Remove the back panel of the sensor by gently prying the tab with a small screwdriver.


    Removal of back panel

  2. Install the 3.6 V lithium battery/batteries (ER14505). Make sure that the plus and minus poles are facing the right direction.


    Using batteries other than the ones provided may result in loss of performance, battery life, and also damage to the device.

    Upon installation, the sensor will activate and flash a long red blink followed by a long green blink.

  3. Use any of the four mounting holes to mount the back panel to the wall. At least two appropriate screws should be used.

    Alternatively, attach the sensor with double sided adhesive tape.


    Mounting holes

  4. Attach the sensor part by hinging it on the back panel.


    Attachment of sensor part

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