Mounting the product

  1. Choose a mounting location for the product that is weatherproof to avoid that direct sunlight or rain affects the sensors.

  2. Mount the product straight vertically and horizontally with the sensor pipe downwards.

  3. Use the holes when mounting on wall.

Connecting to M-Bus


All connected M-Bus slave devices must have unique primary or secondary M-Bus addresses depending on addressing mode used.


Measure voltage over M-Bus slave connection to verify M-Bus master connection. Voltage should be between 21-42 VDC.

M-Bus is a multi-drop 2-wire bus, with no polarity.

  1. Use a cable of area 0.25-1.5 mm2, e.g. a standard telephone cable (EKKX 2x2x0.25).

  2. Connect the incoming wiring to the screw connector and use the screw connector for further M-Bus 2-wire bus connection.

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