Mounting the product

  • Mount the sensor on the wall using the holes on the sensor rear cover. Avoid using the holes that are crossed out in the following image.

    Mounting instruction

    Mounting instruction


Don’t mount the product near supplementary heat sources, such as kitchen stoves or in direct sunlight.


Mount the product at least 1.5 meters above the floor and at least 1 meter from nearest radiator.


Don’t mount the product on an external wall or near a door. If mounted over a conduit pipe, make sure that the pipe is filled to prevent air flow.

Demounting the sensor

  • Carefully insert the end of a screwdriver in the upper part of one of the enclosure top holes, according to the following image.


    Demounting instruction

Connecting the sensor to M-Bus

M-Bus is a multi-drop 2-wire bus, with no polarity.

  1. Connect the sensor to an M-Bus primary device using a cable with an area of 0.25-1.5 mm2, e.g. a standard telephone cable (EKKX 2x2x0.25).

  2. Remove the rear cover.

  3. Slide and hold the M-Bus connector to the left.

  4. Connect the two wires.

  5. Slide the terminal back in position.


Each sensor must use a unique address (primary or secondary, depending on addressing mode used).


Make sure to measure voltage level over the M-Bus connector to verify that the M-Bus primary has been connected properly. The voltage should be in the range of 21-42 VDC.

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