The master does not receive any telegram from the sensor

  • The sensor is not active.

  • The master is not powered.

  • The master is not configured correctly.

  • No communication between master and sensor.


Verify that:

  • The sensor has been activated.

  • The master is connected to a power source and is correctly configured.

  • The master is within range of the radio signal.

  • The master antenna is properly mounted for ideal performance.

  • The master and the sensor use the same wireless M-Bus mode (C1).

  • The sensor is not mounted inside a metallic cabinet.

  • The sensor is not disturbed by other radio equipment.

Temperature value is inaccurate

  • Incorrect positioning of the product.


When mounting the sensor, verify that:

  • The product is not mounted near any heat or cold sources.

  • The product is not mounted in direct sunlight.

  • The product is not mounted in a spotlight beam.

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