Mounting the meter connectivity module

Mount CMi6160 in either a DIEHL SHARKY 775 or a DIEHL SCYLAR 548.

  1. Mount a SIM card (size: Nano) in the SIM card holder.


    SIM card mounting

  2. When the SIM card has been mounted, open the calculator by folding down the side catches.

  3. Lock the module into the appropriate slot (preferable slot 2, see the following picture, mandatory when internal antenna is uses) and carefully connect the pre-formed ribbon cable at both ends.


    Module slots - SHARKY 775 (left), SCYLAR 548 (right)

Mounting battery power

See Diehl Metering assembly quick manual for instructions to install external battery pack. Connect power cable from external battery back to battery power connector (4) of the CMi6160.

Connection of the antenna

Internal antenna
  • Place the antenna and route the cable according to image below.


    Antenna connection


Make sure to not clamp the antenna cable when closing the lid.

External antenna
  1. If the internal antenna is mounted, disconnect it from the MCX connector.

  2. Make a hole in the rubber gromets/sealing and push the MCX connector through the gromets/sealing. Make sure that the thicker part of the antenna cable is in the gromet/sealing.

  3. Push the connector gently into the antenna connector on the module.

Activating the module

Upon delivery, the module is set to passive mode, which means no messages will be transmitted from the module. The module can be activated in one of the following ways:


Before activating the module, and trying to join a LoRaWAN® network, make sure the LoRaWAN® network server of use is prepared with necessary security keys.

Via the module push button
Via Elvaco OTC app


To access the NFC field the meter must be open. Place your phone on the NFC mark.

Network connection

When activated, the module will attempt to connect to the mobile network. The phase is indicated by the green and red LED lights up for 1 second, followed by short flashes on the green LED until the module has joined the mobile network. When the module succeeds in connecting to the mobile network, the green LED will lighten up for 8 seconds, as illustrated in the following image. A meter readout will automatically be sent to the receiving system.

If the module fails to join the mobile network, it will perform retries until it succeeds. The time between each attempt will increase for every attempt until it is performed once every day. A new join attempt cycle can be manually started anytime by using the push button to reboot the module or by deactivating and activating the module using the Elvaco OTC App.

LED indication_network_join_NBIot_.png

LED indications, network connection

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