Red LED is flashing, the unit can not be accessed via LAN

  • IP conflict.

  • Incorrect DHCP server.

  • The CMe3100 is configured with static IP or dynamic IP (dynamic IP is set as default).

    • If static IP assignment is used, make sure that there are no IP conflicts.

    • If dynamic IP assignment is used, check that the CMe3100 is connected to a network with a correctly working DHCP server.

Red LED is permanently on

  • Error on the M-Bus 2-wire bus.

  • Verify no short-circuit of the M-Bus bus. The voltage should be between 24-30 VDC.

All LEDs are permanently off

  • The product is not powered up.

  • Verify that the product is powered up.

  • If the product is in the first stage of the start-up process, wait approximately 20 s.

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